Vlog Two: Balancing Life

Today, Mackenzie and Bethany are talking about balancing life and being intentional with our time as summer is ending and school is starting. If you have any tips/tricks that help you keep organized and intentional with your time, share them in the comment section below!



  1. this is probably the thing i struggle most with during the school year. completely agree with everything you two have to say. :) making it a goal to go through my senior year of high school being intentional with my time and to enjoy every moment of it.

  2. You guys are just too cute :) I love that planner and I use a planner to make my lists and create my schedule because I'm kind of anal about organization. I think being intentional with your time is super important and I definitely see how many times I can become distracted of what is important. I get a daily email with scripture and encouragement and there was a prayer in it one time that I loved and I say in my head a lot over the course of the day: "Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of this moment. Help me to remember what is real and true and important. Let your love shine out from my heart. Plant my feet on higher ground. Amen." Isn't that amazing? It really helps me to have breath prayers like that to re focus my attention on HIM! Also, Ive been having trouble commenting, sometimes the site won't let me comment at all and sometimes it says that my name is The Rittles and sometimes it says visionfairy (my wordpress name) but it never says my name. Oh well, its not a split personality :) Its just Allie Rittle. Anyway, thanks for all of your encouragement! I love the vlogs and I'm excited about the contest. Those shirts are super cute! xoxo

    1. Hey Allie! Love that idea. Yes! I think our days are much richer when we start with Christ before diving into all of the busy life tasks. Thanks for letting us know! We will check to make sure there are no issues with the comment boxes:) We are so thankful for you!