Sweet Serenity & Incomprehensible Glory

A slow breeze & a steady rain.

     Sitting on a black rocking chair with an assortment of flowers to my right & a tiny red tricycle to my left all underneath a covered, wooden, patio. White, french, doors open & close with new faces coming in & out. There is a soft thunder in the distance.. or maybe it is a plane.

     While the birds chirp & splash in all their delight I feel as though I am starring into a reflection of what I desire my spiritual life to reflect.

A slow breeze & a steady rain.  

     Tiny rain drops find their way onto vibrantly red flower petals while the pesky, little, pup nibbles at my toes. Gearing my eyes to Jesus all around me, it is a beautiful thing.

// Sweet serenity & incomprehensible glory //

     Letting Jesus breathe in the weakness of my lungs & rain on my thirsty heart. Slow & steady. Constant & never ending.

Until I finish my race.

Sarah Delanie

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