Vlog One : Shine & Soar Magazine

    Sarah & Ciera are so excited to be kicking off the first official vlog! This is so new to us & we are still trying to figure everything out + please have a little mercy on poor baby C, she has been sick all week, but pulled it together the best she could just for you! We are so ready to hear your heart & get to know you all a little bit better!

Happy Saturday!


  1. First of all, I just want to introduce myself. "Hi, ya'll!"

    I'm so happy that a friend introduced me to Shine & Soar. This is a fantastic website. In the future, I would love to get involved if you have any openings.

    Second, I would say that my job gets me fired up. I love interacting with the residents at the nursing home where I work. They are so inspirational!

    1. Gabrielle, that is so awesome! It takes a special heart to work in a nursing home, so sweet! We are so excited you found us & can't wait to get to know you better in the future!

  2. I just smiled through that entire video! You two are the bomb dot com and you just made my night :)I have to agree with Ciera that riding in the car with music on totally gets me fired up (especially if the song is "Eye on It" by tobyMac)!

  3. On a more spiritual note, I stay motivated and fired up in my faith in lots of different ways. Connecting with friends that bring me closer to the Lord can re-ignite my passion for Christ. Also writing in a journal about blessings and miracles that I witness everyday, or starting a new devotional book/journal can help me to feel full of the Holy Spirit!

  4. Blerg. Those last two comments were both from me. I have no idea why they are from two different identities :)