Worrying Kills Us

Worry. Anxiety. We all deal with both of these things every single day. And it kills us. Especially around finals!

We worry and worry some more about every test, project, and grade...endlessly. We get caught up in the mindset of worrying and don't do much of anything of what we're actually worrying about. Last night I was consumed by worry of homework due on Tuesday for one of my final projects. "Omigosh, I have so much to do. This worksheet is confusing me BIG time. Ahh!! I'm going to DIE." But really, I had to take a step back because all this worry was killing me. First of all, my Professor isn't going to go over my work with as fine tooth of a comb as I am. He's got lots of students + things to grade + classes, he's not going to spend hours going over my work like I am. Chillax Bethany. Second, even if I got a B in this class would it kill me? No. Third, does it affect my future that much? Nope!! 

Hallelujah freedom!

And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour
to his span of life? // Matthew 6:27

Worrying gets you nowhere + is useless. Take a couple of steps back. Breathe. Talk yourself out of worry. Then make an action plan to kill whatever is worrying you. How am I killing my schoolwork worry tomorrow? I'm not checking social media till Monday night (thanks to my team for posting the link to this blog post on social media for me ;)), I created an hour by hour plan of what needs to get done, I'm waking up early, and I'll be starting the day strong with God's word + a big cappuccino. Bam. And yes,  I am writing this Sunday night.

As everyone heads towards finals, keep your head up + out of worry. Yes, finals do matter but they're not the be all end all that we make them out to be (but please study well!). Just take a drink in of the assurance we have in Christ. In the covenant He made with us. He's got us in the palm of His hand. Read Matthew 6. Take a step outside. Breathe. Write down things that you're grateful for. Make a plan. Then work hard!

Don't fear or be anxious loves. You've got nothing to fear since you're under His wings.

xoxo Bethany


Spring || Waiting & Planning

 I love everything about the Spring. The sun peeks its head out just a little longer.... The scent of
 damp, freshly cut grass fills the air. Beaches fill up as we soak in the warmth and hope for the slightest 
bit of a tan.... And most importantly, Spring symbolizes new growth. We see the beauty of change all 
around us as nature discards last years blooms and creates fresh new growth. Spring, for me, has been a
 time of preparation before big changes this summer. Amidst it all, I've been learning the importance of

After attending the incredible Making Things Happen Conference in March, I was so ready to come back and conquer all of the dreams I had immediately! Unfortunately, I got a huge slap in the face when I realized that I still had this lovely thing called school in my life... I was stuck in a place of frustration knowing that this very season,when others are jumping into their dreams head on, I need to prepare and wait.

Waiting.... Goodness gracious, as much as I am a planner, I hate waiting. This summer holds so much adventure with moving to Minneapolis(more info on when coming soon!), a trip to Europe, and shooting weddings in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Minneapolis... The things ahead are SO very exciting...The difficult thing is, I can't start them now. I have to wait, and sit here, and pray, and trust that my waiting makes those dreams and adventures so much more beautiful... It's all a matter of patience and trust as I depend on Gods timing instead of my own...

Don't forget the importance of the season of preparation. Chase after your dreams with reckless abandon, but remember, God makes everything beautiful in time...sometimes we just need to wait a little bit longer to be blessed more in the long run. 

Be patient when God tells you to wait and plan....


P.S. I'd love to hear what you are waiting on and what you are jumping into head on.....


Say Hello // Our Spring Issue Models

Hello beautiful lovely people! I am so stinking excited to introduce you to some of the AMAZING models we had the privilege of working with for this past Spring Issue! Everyone was absolutely stunning & brought their own unique personality to the shoot! Each girl exuded such confidence that can only be found in the Lord & ultimately just inspired us like nobodies business!

Each season we go on the hunt for models, but not just any models. We are looking for girls who are living Authentic, God fearing lives & loving every minute of it! We want girls who are dreaming big & doing big things for the kingdom of God! So without further or do, say hello to our stunning Spring models!


Hey, my name is Rebekah Hallum. I am 15 years old and I love to laugh and make others smile. The joy I have in Christ I so want to share with everyone I encounter. Recently Cook Childrens has accepted me to come and volunteer over the summer. My position includes spending time with the children and making them smile even if their situation is rough. God is teaching me to genuinely love others, humble myself not only before Him but also before others and to stop relying on me and my "power" but to fully rely on God's incredible, mighty strength.

My name is Hannah Hallum and I am 17 years old. My whole life I have lived in Texas along with my loving, godly parents and 3 younger sisters. For about 12 years, my gift and passion has been dance. But I don't dance just because it's fun; I dance to bring glory to my King and my Savior. My dream would be to continue with my dance in college along with majoring in nursing. Someday, if God wills it, I want to go into the mission field and become a medical missionary. But whatever happens, my biggest desire is to die to myself daily in order to make His name famous!

Hey there, my name is Lydia Simmons! I am 13 years old, I love dancing, fashion, sparkly things, laughter and Jesus. I am homeschooled and I take ballet at the Gayle Corkery School of Ballet. I would love to one day dance at the School of American Ballet in New York! My favorite color is purple and I love diamonds!

Hi, I'm Bree! I absolutely love horses, caramel Frappuccinos, and lots of laughter. I have a passion for life; capturing it through a lens and living it to it's fullest. I also love seeing newly born life, which is why I'm on my way down the road in becoming a midwife! I'm so excited to be doing what God has called me to be.

My name is Shelby Hewitt & I'm a beekeeper. I know interesting hobby, huh? I first became interested in beekeeping when I realized the amount of money I was spending on honey. Now long story short I am the proud owner of three very active beehives. I love climbing into my over sized bee suit to tend to my bees. The way they buzz around my head protecting their honey is truly mesmerizing. Needless to say, I'm smitten with my bees. They go from flower to flower collecting nectar to then return to their hive to make honey. It's in those moments that I don't understand how people don't believe their is a God. He created the such amazing creatures, so small yet, so complex. I'm reminded in times of sadness & loss that God designed the bees for His glory & I should never doubt His plan for me.

Howdy! My name is Suzanne Myers, but all of my friends just call me Suzy. I’m 17 years old (18 in May!!), and a senior in High School. This is my 10th, and final, year to be homeschooled; in the Fall I hope to go to College (where I’m not sure yet, but I know Christ will guide me to where I’m suppose to go.). I love playing the piano (right now I’m working on I See the Light, a piece from Tangled, the movie and am really loving it!!), scrapbooking, baking, and just having fun with my friends. I also love traveling, one of my goals is to visit all 50 states, and I’m over halfway there.

My name is Natalie Williams! Though most people call me Natty. I'm a huge dork that plays video games! I love spending time with my friends, singing and dancing! I love singing worship songs! And talking about God with my family! God is my number one man and I love learning more things about his word!

These girls were absolute rock stars! Thank you all so much for coming on this journey
with us, you've inspired and encouraged us in ways you will
 never know!Keep shining & soaring, we love you!
xoxo, Sarah Delanie & Ciera Chante


Spring Issue 2013 // Launch Day

It is finally here! The Spring Issue has arrived & is overflowing with "New Beginnings". We are thrilled to finally be launching this issue & are very expectant of the things to come this summer. Our prayer is that you will be challenged, inspired & emboldened to take on the "New Beginnings" of life in a whole new light!

What are you waiting for?
GO take a look around! 


Red Shoes // Hannah Simmons

I am a people pleaser. All of my life, I have been in constant fear of crossing lines and breaking rules, of disappointing anyone because I lived off of their approval. Growing up, the mere knowledge that I had even indirectly cause anyone unhappiness was enough to turn me into an amorphous pool of teary guilt. Every thought process I had and decision I made was completely dictated by how it would affect someone else. How I was perceived was more important to me than who I actually was, and since I could never be sure of anyone's true opinion, I was never sure of myself. This insecurity carried itself into every area of my life, and it showed up most obviously in the way that I dressed. I worried so much about conforming to everyone's wishes and wasted so much emotional energy on what they would think of my choice of clothes every day that I had no real idea what I even liked. But whatever it was that I liked, it was definitely not what I was wearing. No matter what I put on, by the end of the day, I hated it and felt ugly. This was just an outward representation of my heart during this time: inept, unhappy, and paralyzed by looming mountains of expectations that would never get out of the corner of my eye long enough for me to have an independent thought. But one night, God would send a woman who, with no clue that she was doing it, would change everything.

I was sitting at a church gathering my family attended each week. Having recently started coming to this church, my introverted, awkward personality made these evenings my weekly torture sessions, as I sat for hours in a corner, simultaneously wishing someone would talk to me and terrified that I would be noticed. But by some miracle, tonight I was talking to someone. This girl was, and still is, hilarious, amazingly confident, and all around way to cool for me. And all of the sudden, she was sitting there with me and my sister, showing me her favorite Instagram pictures and just talking about life. I must have mentioned something about my problems with style, because I remember she looked at me and said "No matter what you wear, somebody is going to hate it. You will never be able to please everyone, so dress in what makes you happy." And then something clicked. I realized that I didn't want to be a cookie cutter version of someone else anymore. So the next day, I bought these bright red shoes and wore a purple sweater and went out and felt amazing. And I never looked back.

Now, my family has made a game of counting the colors in my outfit on any given day, and the sum is usually about twelve. My wardrobe includes royal blue jeans and coral fedoras, which may or may not have been worn together before. And once again, my style is a reflection of the inside of me. I know who I am now. I am Hannah Simmons, sometimes known as Frankie. I am a huge nerd. I love music, Butterfingers, and Harry Potter, and I'm not afraid of fuchsia lipstick or Shakespeare. No matter what kind of situation I'm in, if there is music on, I will be dancing. I'm still just a ditzy, geeky introvert, but I've stopped caring who finds out about that.

But this story is still missing something. Because, if I stopped right there, this would all be a victory for the world. If I stopped right there, they could make a Disney Channel movie out of my life, and goodness knows there are quite enough of those already. Because the reason that I'm okay with being different is not that I got a self esteem boost and started following my heart. I love being different because God made me a diverse, unique and weird person, and I would be repressing his glory if I didn't let that shine through. And guess what? That goes for you too.

Jesus did not call you out of the world so that you could be just like everyone else. He didn't die for you so that you could be hemmed in by the opinions of others. And He didn't save you into a life of inoffensiveness and popularity. If you are intentional about living in the mission field that God has placed you in, you are going to rub some people the wrong way. You have been given a job in this world that only you can complete, and I'm sure you've heard that before. So what makes it so hard to accept that, if you are the single person in the world who can possibly do what God wants you to do, then there has to be something about you that is completely and utterly different from anyone else on the entire planet, and you are going to have to be cool with being that person before you can fulfill your purpose. Maybe your different doesn't wear orange hipster glasses and have an obsession with Doctor Who. Maybe your different sets an example in modesty for a generation that has forgotten what clothes are for, or discovers a cure for cancer.

Whatever it does, it will be unlike anything the world has ever seen, and it will cause others to praise God, and it will be totally and beautifully you.


Overcome The Lie

Sometime in the past couple of months, through the twitter-verse, I found Ashley Beaudin and the powerful movement she started called Overcome The Lie. And just wow. It's a movement encouraging women to overcome in Christ the lies we believe. It is such an encouraging movement that has already blessed me so much + I hope it is for you too! They are starting a 40 day challenge (which I'm doing!) on Tuesday and I asked Ashley to come and share a little bit about OTL with us. And come to the twitter party tonight at 9pm EST! #overcomethelie xoxo Bethany

I just feel like the Lord is loving us. It is what He does. It is His very nature. Everything about the way He does things and how He talks and what He says and how He moves screams, "I love you." It covers every inch of Him. He cannot help but love us. And His love does not hold back.
It does not get weak or weary. It does not give up or grow tired. It does not get scared, startled or disturbed. It won't manipulate you. His love does not hold back. 

And hell will try and convince you that there are other things that are stronger. Hell will try and argue with you that, that thing you did or looked at or said has stopped His love. Hell will try and persuade you that His love won't satisfy your heart, that other things will make your heart feel better. But it crashes and it burns and only His love remains. 
And even right now, wherever you are as you're reading these words, His love is not holding back. If for a moment, we could just push back the curtains of what we can see with our eyes, you'd see your Father with outstretched arms inviting you into His heart. You'd feel His presence swallowing up all of the darkness, His touch quieting your every anxious thought, His voice calling out for your own. But you know what is so different about Him than any other? 

He is fully here with you in this moment. Fully present. Every bit of His heart with you right now. Not distracted, not thinking about other things, not held up in fear or confusion. All of Him, every glorious and powerful part of His heart fully engaged with your heart.

You know He loves you in your head, but do you know He loves you in your heart?

You are invited to join us for a forty day challenge over at Overcome the Lie where we are going to create space for Jesus to come and impact our hearts as we get intentional about pursuing a revelation of His love for us. We are the beloved and we are loved by God. Beyond even that foundation, we are called to be love to a generation. To extend our hands and raise our voices and stop for the ones He has put before us.

In a mixture of overall challenges and daily practical challenges, we will make this our hearts pursuit over forty days as a community. Sample daily challenge: Ask God how much He loves you today.

For those who sign up, you will receive daily encouragement emails from Ashley and a discount for a print from the online store.

In our heart to build community, we will also partner you with another woman in the group so you can pray for one another and connect. Additionally, we will have two Twitter hang-outs to be with everyone all together and chat.

It will run from April 16th to May 26th 2012.

If you want to sign up, simply email us at info@overcomethelie.org. Cannot wait to hear from you!