Why am I doing this?

Do you ever just stop and ask yourself, "Why am I doing this?"

Why did we choose to pursue this entrepreneurial journey at such a young age in the first place? Was it built upon a deep, nurtured, and enriched calling upon your life? Did it begin with a fling & a zing that just seemed cool in the moment, but transformed into something so much more? Whatever your "it" reason is, as one young entrepreneur to another, let me encourage you in this.

- Remember your passion. Take time to step away from social media, marketing, web design, "manifesto making", and endless goal settings & R E M E M B E R  why you do what you do. Let the core of your passions drive your business and hold down your fort. I often find myself getting so caught up in the rig-a-ma-roar of "what's next" that I forget why I began. I'm so guilty of not taking the time to appreciate what I have now, where I've been, and where I am in this moment, these "memories" this "heritage" of yours is what ultimately will keep your fire burning. It does not matter how much you know, the places you go, or the work you show, if you refuse to hone in on that which propelled you forward in the beginning, you will hit a wall and you will be left empty once again -- wondering why.

- Take the time to stop. Breathe kid, you've got Jesus on your side, so take a chill pill. It does not matter what your doing or where you are/are going, because God is at work around you 24/7 & it is your GIFT to have the privilege to take part in His work. Don't lose sight of that, or take it for granted. You have the honor to jump in, humble your heart, and partake in a much greater work for the kingdom of God. Even if that is a "flipping burgers & filling fries at McDonalds" reality for you right now, just calm down. If it's His will, it will happen. If it's your will, well -- that's just too bad. The truth hurts sometimes, believe me - I get it.

- Don't mistake calm for lazy, keep pursue that calling, keep loving your Jesus, and keep serving Him. Even if you can't see the fruit, your heart & eyes should be so captivated that you find yourself with nothing to fear. You quite literally have the world at your finger tips, so soak it in, and breath in that air - let your heart set sail.

Call me Ms. Upfront, but sugar coating our dreams and questions is not my specialty. Sometimes we have to read it like it is and digest it real good. Yes, I just said "real good". Let reality simmer over, let Jesus lead you on level ground and fight for a level head, then join in on the action. (It's happening all around you, you just have to look.)

Sarah Delanie


What is true greatness?

I've been pondering lately what greatness truly is. Not what the world thinks it is, not what we think it is, not what most Christians think it is, but what God says it is.

One of the underlying visions of starting Shine & Soar was to inspire our readers to soar above mediocrity. But what does that look like exactly? Is that simply being a young business owner? Making a great name for yourself? Or being a fantastic Christian? Is it about your public reputation or your character?

I feel that we're evaluating our greatness level simply in the amount of labels we apply to ourselves. Is your greatness all caught up in having the label "young entrepreneur" because that makes you one in a thousand? But how do you run your business? Do you pour into your clients lives and build deep relationships with them or do you do business with them and forget about them?

Greatness isn't always found in what we do, but how we do it.  I just watched The Iron Lady this past weekend and was smacked in the face by this quote:

"It used to be about trying to do something. Now it's about trying to be someone." // Margaret Thatcher

How true is that? We're caught up in the pursuit of having a great name...because we want influence. But do you know that fame is not the same as influence? But how about if building your influence meant listening to God's voice and not your friend's voices? Fame means being widely known, influence means being able to change the opinions and actions of others. You could do the latter with 20 Instagram followers. Kim Kardashian is widely famous but not as widely influential, and I'm sure most of our parents are more influential than they are famous.

But back to the quote by Margaret Thatcher:

Are you trying to be a great photographer or take photographs for people that will last lifetimes?
Are you leading because people will look up to you or because you’ve got changes that you know need to be made & you’ve got the vision for it? Are you trying to be an Instagram darling or a curator of beauty to brighten people's days?

Popularity vs Impact.

I don't want all of you to end reading this and believe that I think all of you are doing this for popularity and are shallow. No, no. I know many of us have mixed motives and just need a check up here and there. Well here is your checkup, and let me tell you that I need it just as much as you!

Back to defining what greatness is in God's eye. Here is what I've compiled on what I believe He says it is in scripture. Seek out these verses and put them at the forefront of your mind so you can be guided to intentionally pursuing these things.

-Having a deep intimate relationship with God (Luke 10:27)
-Doing what God calls you to do (Romans 12:4, 2 Peter 1:10)
-Serving others selflessly (Mark 10:44-45)
-Using your influence to bring glory to Him (Matthew 5:14-16)
-Having & building an excellent character (Galatians 5:22-23, 1 Timothy 4:12-13) 
-Going through trials with endurance & joy (James 1:12, James 1:2-3)

Greatness won't always be flashy, come with applause, or be guaranteed to be viewed as a worldly success. But it will be for you an eternal weight of glory.

"And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all." // Mark 9:35


Issue 4 launch | the winter edition

We are overjoyed and unbelievably giddy to announce the launch of issue four! Our team has been hard at work collaborating with our spectacular contributors to cultivate refreshing, dynamic content. In building this edition, our hearts felt so pulled towards the concept of weaving rest and assurance throughout the pages. Our hope and prayer is that this issue would strengthen you're heart, humble your spirit, and refresh your mind in this season.

Amanda Marie Lackey knocked our socks off with this stellar cover shoot; Gina Zeidler continually blows us away with her authenticity, and our interview with her is no exception; Zipporah Kapambwe has challenged our hearts through her article; Katie O'Keefe has given us a breath of fresh air through her heartfelt words; and our very own S&S editors, Sarah Delaine and Bethany Aleshire, have laid out the most restorative encouragement.
A HUGE thank you to all of our contributors above along with Alex Anne, Mackenzie Kern, Emily Hughes, and Janelle Putrich for their breathtaking images in this issue.