Issue 2 // Meet the Models

I just want to hug each of these girls and bottle up their souls forever. Yep, they're seriously that amazing. Hearts afire for Christ, chasing the dreams on their hearts, and doing life with their own flair. They had no camera shyness in them, even when all of our team members had a camera pointed at them (4 cameras people!). So meet the fabulousness of Ashley, Alex, and Jaana....

Hello! I’m Ashley, a 20 year old Minnesota girl pursuing a degree in elementary education. I am looking forward to being an RA this coming fall at college and having the opportunity to invest in the lives of the girls on my floor. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano and violin, going shopping, having coffee dates with friends, biking and rollerblading, reading a non-school-related book, and participating in anything that has to do with water (the ocean is my favorite!). But beyond all these things, my personal relationship with Jesus Christ is what I’m most passionate about. Each day is a brand new opportunity to walk with Him, every struggle is an opportunity to grow closer to Jesus and become more like Christ, and every triumph is an opportunity to love Him more. I’ve found that life in the will of God only gets better in each phase that we enter, and there is no greater joy than living wholly for Jesus Christ!

hello hello! i'm alex anne, a seventeen-year-old midwesterner living the life of a Jesus-loving creative. though i am currently pursuing photography, i don't like to box myself in to a single creative service. i dream of opening a local coffee-shop and/or ice cream shop, publishing my own magazine (like these lovely girls - clearly my inspiration), and living in a creative studio loft at some point in my life. at the moment, however, i am learning to be bold and to live fearlessly through God. me in a nutshell? tall and adventurous. xoxo

Now you haven't seen our third model yet since we had some scheduling conflicts and didn't have much time to shoot her, but she is an inspiring woman nonetheless!

Hey there, My name is Jaana Singh. I'm 18 years old and am from Corcoran, MN. A few things about me; I strive to show the essence of God as I grow in my relationship with Him every day. Because of His love, I've grown very passionate about quite a few things in life such as dance. Recently the Lord has directed and led me to start my own business in Wayzata called "The Awakening." There I enjoy spending my days teaching dance and gymnastics to many highly competitive athletes. I have a wonderful family and great friends who support me in all I do and feel very blessed to have them by my side.

Thank you ladies SO much for coming out + modeling for us! We're so excited to witness where God takes you next! 

xoxo, The S&S Team

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  1. seriously had a blast modeling for you girls - so inspired by what you are doing!!