Vlog Introduction | Behind the Scenes

Photo by Gina Zeidler

     We are so excited to be launching our new bi-weekly vlog this week to you all! After a quite a few google chat meetings, which lead up to our Minneapolis, Minnesota meet up we all decided to jump into vloging to put a voice with a face. Our hearts heaviest desire through this magazine journey is to be real & honest with you guys. We want to grow with you & share the "ups & downs" of our entrepreneurial journey together. Honesty is just to beautiful to put into words, but we are going to try out best! Take a look at our first vlog introduction!


  1. Ladies, this (and YOU ALL. HOT DANG!;) looks so good! I'm excited for this & to follow along this journey with you and all the gals impacted by Shine & Soar! :) xoxoxo!

  2. love vlogs - can not wait to see more!!