Happy Birthday Kenzie!

It's a very special day today. It's Mackenzie's 17th birthday! Woohoo!! 

From Bethany: Oh man. Kenz, you are amazeballs. Ever since I met you for the first time over lunch in the ATL airport in August, you've blessed me by your wisdom, love, and pure craziness. Haha. And it's a privilege to do life, magazine making, and 3am work dates with you. I can't wait to make more memories with you here in Minneapolis and beyond! Keep chasing God + His beautiful calling on your life! Happy birthday you fabulous chica!

From Ciera: Happy Birthday, Kenzie! I love you so stinkin' much!! You are a fabulous friend and I'm so thankful God has placed you in my life! :) Here's to another year full of getting lost on crazy adventures + staying up 'til 2am video chatting about nothing + giggling about everything under the sun! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

From Sarah: Kenzie Pie, You are my beautiful butterfly! Happy Birthday to you! Words can not express how incredibly honored I am to walk in this beautiful thing called life with you, Jesus is just crazy, wild, good! You challenge, encourage and inspire me in so may ways & I hope your birthday is the best yet! I can not believe that I will get to see you in less than 24hrs! AH! xoxo!

Now it's your turn to wish Kenzie an awesome birthday!! Leave a comment below or post on her Facebook page :)


  1. Happy happy birthday Kenzie! I hope that God blesses you a million times over in your 17th year!!

  2. Happy birthday to Kenzie!! :)

  3. Mackenzie...I just have to say that Sarah Delanie...FREAKING...Owens is a complete failure. she failed to tell me that it was your birthday.


    WHAT...the Heck!?
    gotta' love her:)

    LOVE YOU Mackenzie Kenzie Enzie Enzie Kern!
    I have been blessed to watch how your work in Sarah's life, & hope that soon we get to know each other really well too:)...even though according to Sarah we can never live together...anyway...I think your birthday should be "National Pick On Your Long Distance Best Friend, Sarah" Day.

    (Love you Sar)
    -xoxo//Stay on fire, love!// HS-