We Want YOU

Have you ever walked into an ice cream shop with just four flavors? No? What planet do you live on?! (just kidding....) But, why not? Because it's too limited. Vanilla, Chocolate, Rocky Road, and Cotton Candy, aren't the only ice cream flavors in the world. 

As such, Ciera, Mackenzie, Sarah, and I, aren't the only girls in the world chasing our entrepreneurial dreams :) There are so many other young women (read: YOU!) who have ideas, experiences, thoughts, and visions that we don't have. It's unique and utterly beautiful.

We want to make Shine & Soar Magazine (and blog too) an ice cream shop of sorts with many different young women sharing their hearts, stories, creativity, and talents in it. Can you imagine the yumminess of the variety of all these flavors combined into one magazine/blog? I die. 

So how do we make that happen? Submissions y'all! This is what we're looking for specifically right now:

New Beginnings

This is the theme of Issue One, which is launching in early March. We're looking for articles (and photographs/graphics!) that are about a new beginning in your life. Maybe it's about the time it really sank in that you were made new in Christ, moving, transitioning from school to working, going pro, starting a new business, or a day where you decided to live differently....and did. We're also looking for poems too! Oh, how I wish I could write amazing poems. Since laying out a 50+ page magazine without a good amount of photos is really hard, we'd love to feature your photos too! Specifically, spring photos, senior/female portrait sessions taken outside, or any other photographs pertaining to new beginnings. See our Contribute page for more details on actually submitting your photos/articles.

The Blog

We're also looking for submissions to feature on our blog. On Wednesdays, we're doing lifestyle posts. If you have an outfit, office, bedroom, recipe, blog, or book you want to share, write up a post on it and send it to us. But, another unique feature we want to do is Behind The Scenes. Yep! We want to know what you do, what your regular day is like, and sneak peeks! Show us the inside scoop on your awesome life ;) On every other Friday, we'll be featuring a Life Story of one of you. A story in your life that taught you a lesson or a theme running throughout your life story. See more details on the Contribute page.

We're so excited to collaborate with you and feature your work + talents! Here's to creating an ice cream shop of a magazine filled with amazing flavors of young Christian women entrepreneurs :)

xoxo Bethany Aleshire

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