Off on an Adventure | A Fresh, New Year | 2013 Planning

   We are about to start a fresh, new year filled with promise. So, as we embark on this adventure, this is the advice I have for you…dream and plan. Close the doors of the past and move forward, because God has more up the pike for you. Don’t stumble over what is in the past, and never, ever second guess who you were created to be and where your talent lies. Tear down the fear that stops you from being bold,  and be hopeful for the future Christ has given you. Most of all, don’t fear the unknown, and always remember that God's plans are perfect. 

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps // Proverbs 16:9

The Process....

1. Look back
What worked in 2012 and what didn't? Whether its daily bible studies or business, we can all look back on this year and learn. Be honest with yourself and use that to make this next year better.

2. Pray over 2013
Seek out what God is calling you to short and long term, and center each of your goals on Christ. 

3. Make a list
Whether big or small, it is so important to write down your dreams for 2013. Find and write down the blessings in each of your goals too! Invest in a planner that is functional and beautiful (pretty things make work so much more fun!) and write down your 2013 goals in depth, in achievable steps.

   *One of my plans for this next year is to blog goals monthly. Writing them down and accomplishing them quickly makes other goals seem that much more attainable.

4. Create a deadline 
Give yourself time constraints monthly and write goals down on a calendar. Look through your goals weekly to stay focused on what you have planned.

2013 is going to be big. Let's do this.



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