Worrying Kills Us

Worry. Anxiety. We all deal with both of these things every single day. And it kills us. Especially around finals!

We worry and worry some more about every test, project, and grade...endlessly. We get caught up in the mindset of worrying and don't do much of anything of what we're actually worrying about. Last night I was consumed by worry of homework due on Tuesday for one of my final projects. "Omigosh, I have so much to do. This worksheet is confusing me BIG time. Ahh!! I'm going to DIE." But really, I had to take a step back because all this worry was killing me. First of all, my Professor isn't going to go over my work with as fine tooth of a comb as I am. He's got lots of students + things to grade + classes, he's not going to spend hours going over my work like I am. Chillax Bethany. Second, even if I got a B in this class would it kill me? No. Third, does it affect my future that much? Nope!! 

Hallelujah freedom!

And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour
to his span of life? // Matthew 6:27

Worrying gets you nowhere + is useless. Take a couple of steps back. Breathe. Talk yourself out of worry. Then make an action plan to kill whatever is worrying you. How am I killing my schoolwork worry tomorrow? I'm not checking social media till Monday night (thanks to my team for posting the link to this blog post on social media for me ;)), I created an hour by hour plan of what needs to get done, I'm waking up early, and I'll be starting the day strong with God's word + a big cappuccino. Bam. And yes,  I am writing this Sunday night.

As everyone heads towards finals, keep your head up + out of worry. Yes, finals do matter but they're not the be all end all that we make them out to be (but please study well!). Just take a drink in of the assurance we have in Christ. In the covenant He made with us. He's got us in the palm of His hand. Read Matthew 6. Take a step outside. Breathe. Write down things that you're grateful for. Make a plan. Then work hard!

Don't fear or be anxious loves. You've got nothing to fear since you're under His wings.

xoxo Bethany

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