Say Hello // Our Spring Issue Models

Hello beautiful lovely people! I am so stinking excited to introduce you to some of the AMAZING models we had the privilege of working with for this past Spring Issue! Everyone was absolutely stunning & brought their own unique personality to the shoot! Each girl exuded such confidence that can only be found in the Lord & ultimately just inspired us like nobodies business!

Each season we go on the hunt for models, but not just any models. We are looking for girls who are living Authentic, God fearing lives & loving every minute of it! We want girls who are dreaming big & doing big things for the kingdom of God! So without further or do, say hello to our stunning Spring models!


Hey, my name is Rebekah Hallum. I am 15 years old and I love to laugh and make others smile. The joy I have in Christ I so want to share with everyone I encounter. Recently Cook Childrens has accepted me to come and volunteer over the summer. My position includes spending time with the children and making them smile even if their situation is rough. God is teaching me to genuinely love others, humble myself not only before Him but also before others and to stop relying on me and my "power" but to fully rely on God's incredible, mighty strength.

My name is Hannah Hallum and I am 17 years old. My whole life I have lived in Texas along with my loving, godly parents and 3 younger sisters. For about 12 years, my gift and passion has been dance. But I don't dance just because it's fun; I dance to bring glory to my King and my Savior. My dream would be to continue with my dance in college along with majoring in nursing. Someday, if God wills it, I want to go into the mission field and become a medical missionary. But whatever happens, my biggest desire is to die to myself daily in order to make His name famous!

Hey there, my name is Lydia Simmons! I am 13 years old, I love dancing, fashion, sparkly things, laughter and Jesus. I am homeschooled and I take ballet at the Gayle Corkery School of Ballet. I would love to one day dance at the School of American Ballet in New York! My favorite color is purple and I love diamonds!

Hi, I'm Bree! I absolutely love horses, caramel Frappuccinos, and lots of laughter. I have a passion for life; capturing it through a lens and living it to it's fullest. I also love seeing newly born life, which is why I'm on my way down the road in becoming a midwife! I'm so excited to be doing what God has called me to be.

My name is Shelby Hewitt & I'm a beekeeper. I know interesting hobby, huh? I first became interested in beekeeping when I realized the amount of money I was spending on honey. Now long story short I am the proud owner of three very active beehives. I love climbing into my over sized bee suit to tend to my bees. The way they buzz around my head protecting their honey is truly mesmerizing. Needless to say, I'm smitten with my bees. They go from flower to flower collecting nectar to then return to their hive to make honey. It's in those moments that I don't understand how people don't believe their is a God. He created the such amazing creatures, so small yet, so complex. I'm reminded in times of sadness & loss that God designed the bees for His glory & I should never doubt His plan for me.

Howdy! My name is Suzanne Myers, but all of my friends just call me Suzy. I’m 17 years old (18 in May!!), and a senior in High School. This is my 10th, and final, year to be homeschooled; in the Fall I hope to go to College (where I’m not sure yet, but I know Christ will guide me to where I’m suppose to go.). I love playing the piano (right now I’m working on I See the Light, a piece from Tangled, the movie and am really loving it!!), scrapbooking, baking, and just having fun with my friends. I also love traveling, one of my goals is to visit all 50 states, and I’m over halfway there.

My name is Natalie Williams! Though most people call me Natty. I'm a huge dork that plays video games! I love spending time with my friends, singing and dancing! I love singing worship songs! And talking about God with my family! God is my number one man and I love learning more things about his word!

These girls were absolute rock stars! Thank you all so much for coming on this journey
with us, you've inspired and encouraged us in ways you will
 never know!Keep shining & soaring, we love you!
xoxo, Sarah Delanie & Ciera Chante