Be Poured Out

Poured into.

Loved on by others. Being mentored. Spending time alone with God. Going to a life-giving Church. Listening to sermons. Reading books. Encouraging texts. Being prayed for. Receiving surprise gifts. Reminded of God's faithfulness + truth + goodness by others. Being invited. Listened to. Remembered. 

Does your life resemble that? Of always being poured into, your cup overflows with love and encouragement from others and from Jesus? Mine often does. 

But I am convicted of not being poured out as much as I'm poured into. A blessing hoarder, if you will. As important as it is to have a full cup (as in, not running on E in life), it can get even fuller by being poured out. I feel more whole when I reach out, encourage, and love on others (though it's usually hard at first). And when we pour out our cups for others, it gives it room to be filled up again by God and by others once again. It's a continual cycle.

I know that the teen years is a season of preparation in a variety of areas as we try to get as far ahead as we can before our time is eaten up by a full time career and other adult responsibilities. And this can get us focused into a constant mode of building ourselves up all the time. It's of course good to work on our character, relationship with God, and figuring out where we want to go exactly in our lives, but let's not forget that we are called to help others too be built up in their seasons too.

Being poured out is as much as a blessing as being poured into is.

We are called to be women who give, pray, love, listen, mentor, remember, encourage, embolden, and strengthen others. And in turn, we also get encouraged, loved, mentored, strengthened by others.

In this new week of possibility we have upon us, ask God to align your heart to give wherever you can. Text three people encouragements. Call a friend to listen to her in her hard time right now. Ask a girl that is just starting out her business out to coffee and give your time to help her on her way (and showing up with a package of things to help her grow would knock her socks OFF). Pay for someone behind you in the drive-through. Be available for others.

If I can be of help to you in any way shape or form, or if you need to talk to someone, my email inbox is always open. Shoot me an email :)

xoxo, Bethany


  1. LOVE it Bethany! Keep it up girl, I know God has so much in store for you!! :)

    1. YOU are one that has been pouring out to us through the INSPIRE group. So grateful for that <3

  2. Thank you so much for this! It is just what I needed. I have bookmarked this page so that I can keep being reminded to pour out into others.