A Recipe For Writing

// Everyone has a recipe for writing //

     Some are enlightened by a quaint coffee shop, scattered with people from all different walks of life. What is their story? Body language, talking hands, nervous, fidgety elbows, snarky smiles & quirky laughter that can not help but make your giggle. 

     Maybe it's your bedroom, graced by the light and shadows of the morning sun through your window & pup laying at your feet. A new journal & tunes in your head with that dreamy candle from Anthropologie burning in the distance.

     Perhaps you enjoy sitting at your local park. Watching the runners, the bikers, the casual walkers. The birds who sing a song over your head and the squirrels who just want a piece of the picnickers bread.
There is always a recipe.

What is yours?

Sarah Delanie

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