what lies ahead

Philippians 3:13 "But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead." 

Keep your eyes fixed on the vast unending mountains before you, for they are not yours to climb, Jesus will carry you, rest in his presence and let your eyes not be phased by the mist in your face. In our past we see rippled rocks and shifted sand that we had hoped to tip-toe peacefully through, but instead we bulldozed. We are creatures of control, we are hoarders of anxiety, but that simply must go, because we are called to strain towards the goals that we are called to in Jesus Christ. Say this word -> straining.

That means sweat, regret and upset. That means failure, falter, and frump. That means hard. That means everything that you are will steadily slip through the grit of your fighting fist.  

But that also means, redemption, relation, refreshed. That means a fullness that lies in Jesus alone, a tenderness only He can provide. That means vibrance. You will be upheld & carried. You have never & will never been alone. If you missed last weeks blog post take a peak and be -> REFRESHED.  Let go of your burdens and step into the freedom that has been graciously bestowed upon you.

Happy Friday Lovelies! Embrace this weekend to the fullest!

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