Beginnings & Adventures

The creative industry has so rapidly evolved over the past few years that sometimes we feel our rate of learning or growth should continue at the same speed. It's so easy to compare skill levels to those close to you in your industry. The truth is, we don't all learn and grow at the same rate, and beginning something new does not make you an expert. Don't let comparison steal the joy out of new adventures. I have been guilty of this lately as I've been toying with the idea of shooting more editorial work... I so easily fall into the trap of comparison or doubt. What we need to remember is that with new beginnings come fresh eyes to see new concepts and an excited, motivated heart. So, begin anywhere and know that you're not the only one growing.

Happy Monday, friends! 



  1. simple and all too true. love it :)

  2. very true and easy to fall into :) Thanks for the reminder! x