* Shine & Soar Magazine is officially shut down & will not release any new issues. We are pursuing different priorities at this time we are leaving the website & all five magazine issues up so they can continue on inspiring & helping other young entrepreneurs. *

We are Shine & Soar. An online magazine for young women with hearts ablaze for Christ... Woman who are called to entrepreneurship, and are ready to shake up the world and their industry. Who rising up to their calling. God's calling of who they are and what their lives are to be.  

Our aim for this magazine is to inspire, challenge, and encourage you. As young entrepreneurs, it can be hard to find other people who "get you" and the crazy life you live. We want you to find rest here (only after resting in your Abba's arms...the only place of true rest). You're trying to figure out life, how to live it beautifully, and how to become a mover and shaker in your industry. Join us. We're trying to figure that out each and every single day too.